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Trademark Registration in Mumbai


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A Trademark Registration in Mumbai is a sort of property. It are often a word, device, name, symbol or any combination which is acquired by any institution or company to point out the difference between their product and therefore the products of other companies. It also can be referred to as the name. Trademark are often owned by any business, individual or any legal entity. Rules and regulations of trademarks are governed by The Trade Marks Act of 1999, The Trade Marks Rules of 2002, and therefore the Trade Marks Amendment Act of 2010.

Types of Trademarks Act, 1999

Product Mark

A product mark is a type of Trademark Registration in Mumbai which is used on a business good rather than on service. This trademark is mainly used to identify the origin of the product and helps in maintaining the reputation of the business. For example, Mother Dairy, Cadbury, etc. 

Service Mark

A service mark is quite similar to the product mark but service marks are used to identify the services of the entity rather than a product. These are used to identify the proprietors from the owners of other services. For example, the Trademark Registration in Mumbai for network and broadcasting services as they help the service provided. Applications that are filed under trademark class 35-45 represent the service mark. For example, Microsoft, Dell, etc.

Collective Mark

A collective mark is registered in the name of groups or organizations. These are used to inform the public about the group during commercial activities. When a group of individuals protects a service or goods collectively, this mark is used. Any association or any public institution or a Section 8 Company can be a mark holder. A common example of a collective mark in India is the Chartered Accountant designation. For example, Airtel, Vodafone, etc.

Certification Mark

This mark is a sign which shows the origin of the product, quality, material or any other specific details of the product issued by the proprietor. The main use of this mark is to standard and worth of the product. Certification marks are commonly seen on packed foods, toys, and electronics. For Example, ISI, ISO, etc. 

Various Types of Trademark Symbols

‘TM’ Symbol

This symbol denotes the brand name when your Trademark Registration in Mumbai is not registered and the application status is pending. This shows his authority over the brand and the claim depends on the result of trademark registration. 

‘SM’ Symbol

It helps in identifying the source of the service rather than a product. Which means TM is for product and SM is for a service. 

‘R’ Symbol

This symbol denotes that the trademark is registered and shows that the Certificate of Registration is issued by the Registrar. 



Benefits of Trademarks

There are many benefits to registering a trademark. 

  1. Trademarks differentiate your goods and services to that of your competitors which means that trademarks help consumers to identify you.
  2. Trademarks help to increase the goodwill and brand awareness of the product or services. 
  3. Trademarks help in avoiding confusion in the market as a source of products and services. 
  4. Trademarks help in creating the brand value in the market to give an upper hand against the competitors. 
  5. Trademarks provide credit to the source of the goods or the service and it also guarantees its quality.
  6. It helps in the proper advertisement of the product. 
  7. Trademark provides legal protection as the person who registered the trademark becomes the legal owner and he can take some legal against the person who uses your registered trademark without your permission. 
  8. Trademark helps in establishing a unique identity of the company which means no other company can use your trademark for similar goods or services. 


Documents required for Trademark Registration

Through the process of Trademark Registration in Mumbai, various documents are needed. They are:

  1. Applicant details: Name, address, and nationality
  2. Business type and its objectives
  3. A copy of the brand/logo/slogan name
  4. Identity and business proofs
  5. Signed Form 48 by the applicant
  6. Class of trademark must be filed under the application
  7. In the case of a company or LLP, the incorporation certificate is needed

Who can apply for a Trademark?

  1. Any person who shows the authority on the trademark can apply for the registration of its mark for goods as well as services. 
  2. Any person whose business lies under the jurisdiction of India can apply for registration of a trademark. 
  3. In case, the principal place of business is outside India, the lawyer associated with the proprietor present in India can file an application in the trademark office.
  4. In the case of a company, anyone can apply the application but it should be in the company’s benefit. 



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