FSSAI Food Registration and FSSAI License for Wholesalers Shop Business in India

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FSSAI Food Registration and FSSAI License for Wholesalers Shop Business in India


2021-04-04         Imprimatur

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India are mandatory for all Wholesalers Shop businesses. FSSAI is a self-governing organization established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare That auditors and governs the food business in India. FSSAI Registration was established under the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006. According to the FSSAI rules, FSSAI License and FSSAI Food Registration are required for any food related business. No person can start a food business without FSSAI Food license. So, it is mandatory for a processing, packaging, or food distributing individual to collect an FSSAI registration or FSSAI Food license.

Types of FSSAI Food License for Wholesalers Shop Business in India

  • FSSAI FosCos Basic License
  • FSSAI FosCos  State License
  • FSSAI FosCos Central License

FSSAI FoSCos Basic License- This FSSAI License having annual turnover below Rs.12 lakhs can apply. As process scale up and turnover capacity Rs. 12 lakh bar, the basic registration will requirement to be required to state license. The maximum tenure FSSAI License is 5 years and the minimum is 1 year.

FSSAI FoSCos State license- This FSSAI License Having annual turnover in the range of Rs.12lakh -20 crores required to apply for State level License. The max tenure FSSAI Registration is 5 years and the min is 1 year.

FSSAI FoSCos Central license- This FSSAI License is required for large business having annual turnover above Rs.20 crores, need to increase Central Level License. The same FSSAI license is relevant for where you are you are committed in import or export of food products or selling goods to government offices. The max tenure FSSAI License is 5 years and the min is 1 year.





FSSAI FoSCos Basic License

Annual turnover of the business is less than 12 lakhs

1 To 5 Years


FSSAI FoSCos State License

Annual turnover of the business is between 12 lakhs to 20 crores

1 To 5 Years


FSSAI FoSCos Central License

Annual turnover of the business is above 20 crores


Ecommerce business


Business across all over India

1 To 5 Years



What is the process for FSSAI registration & FSSAI Food License for Wholesalers Shop Business in India?

The registration process for FSSAI registration & FSSAI Food License are as follow-

  • It is admitted by submitting Form A application to food and safety department.
  •  The application can be accepted or rejected within seven days from the date of filing by the department explain the reason for rejection.
  •  If the application is accepted, the food and safety department will accept the registration number with the photo identity of the applicant.
  • The food business operator will have to display the registration certificate during business hours.


FSSAI license is required for following food related business categories such as:

  • FSSAI Food License for Sweet shop
  • FSSAI Food License for General store
  • FSSAI Food License for Nankeen Bhandar
  • FSSAI Food License for Cake shop
  • FSSAI Food License for Dairy shop
  • FSSAI Food License for Juice shop
  • FSSAI Food License for Fast food
  • FSSAI Food License for Restaurant
  • FSSAI Food License for Take away
  • FSSAI Food License for Dhaba
  • FSSAI Food License for Tiffin services
  • FSSAI Food License for Tea shop
  • FSSAI Food License for Momos/Chinese food


Documents required for Basic, State and Central FSSAI License For a Wholesalers shop Business in India

Basic FSSAI License for a Wholesalers shop Business in India

  • Declaration form
  • Authority letter
  • Copy of the property paper (if owned)
  • Copy of Rent Agreement (If rented property)
  • License or plan of the food safety management system
  • Electricity bill or water bill of business place
  • Identification proof of proprietor or partners or directors like Aadhar Card, or Voter ID card
  • Form 10 for the designation of persons by a company with the board resolution.

State FSSAI License for a Wholesalers shop Business in India

  • List of Partners, Owners, and Executive Members of Society with full address and contact details.
  • Latest Passport-sized photograph of the applicant
  • Identification proof (voter ID card or Aadhar Card)
  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof which can be Telephone, Mobile Bill, Electricity or Gas Bill
  • A Copy of Property papers (if owned)
  • A Copy of Rent Agreement and Landlord’s NOC (if rented)
  • Partnership Deed/ MOA/AOA of the firm
  • A Copy of certificate obtained under the Co-Op Act – 1861/Multi State Co-Op Act – 2002 in the case of Co-Operatives.
  • NOC from the manufacturer (in case of Distributor)
  • Information on Source of raw material
  • NOCs from Municipality or local body
  • E-Code document issued by DGFT
  • Form IX Nomination of persons by a company

Central FSSAI License for a Wholesalers shop Business in India

  •  Declaration Form of FSSAI license
  •  If applicable a copy of certificate received below the Coop Act – 1861 / Multi-State Coop Act – 2002 in case of Cooperatives.
  • Completed and signed Form- B by the Partner, Authorized Signatory or Proprietor.
  • List and name of machinery and equipment alongside the quantity, installed capacity and horsepower applied. It is compulsory for production and manufacturing units only.
  • DGFT issues a document of the IE code.
  • Proof of turnover in supporting the documentary.
  • NOC from the local body or Municipality. It’s an optional document.
  • The certificate is given by the Ministry of Tourism (Hotel & Restaurant Approval and Classification Committee). In the case of hotels its Mandatory document.
  • PA/NOC documents circulated by FSSAI.
  • Copy of License from the manufacturer. Along with this the NOC of the same. This Compulsory for Repackers and Relabellers.
  • Proof of possession of premises -Sale deed, Rental Agreement or Electricity Bill, it’s optional.
  • List of Partner, Directors, Executive Members of Society, Proprietor, Trust with complete address and contact details. It is Necessary for Companies only.
  • Review report Chemical & Bacteriological of water to be applied as an ingredient in food from a verified or public health laboratory to verify the portability. It’s Necessary for manufacturing and processing units.
  • Listing of the food category wanted to be manufactured it’s for manufactures.
  •  Certificate of Food Safety Management System Plan ( FSMSP) if required.
  • Documentary evidence of turnover or self-declaration of a number of vehicles. It’s a compulsory document for Transporters.


Benefits of FSSAI Food License for Wholesalers Shop Business in India


  • Legal Advantages: FSSAI Certification will appreciate the chance of legal administration and control over the department at a positive point and will boost the establishment of many things in a particular area.
  • Public acceptance: Having an FSSAI certificate makes your customers believe in your food product as the government itself officially accepts it. Imprimatur supports you in getting your FSSAI Food license effortlessly.
  • Brand Value: A company will automatically get Brand Value once it is FSSAI License registered.
  • Legal welfare: By having the FSSAI license, you can collect legal rights to sell your food. You can sell your Fruit Juice with no compromise in your quality, price and features.
  • Expansion of Business: The FSSAI license will hand over a large scope and privilege of extension at any geographic location.
  • Boost up your Business: If a business is FSSAI License Online registered, it will create a smart client base and boost up the business on a larger scale.
  • Use for FSSAI logo: Trend your brand by displaying your FSSAI logo. It is moreover mandatory to collect in any parcels, cards or boxes which display your food products.
  • Expand your food network: Most importantly, you have a chance to comfortably expand your food network by having the paper works done effectively in an authorized manner.

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