FSSAI Food Registration and Food License for Caterers, Catering Business in India

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FSSAI Food Registration and Food License for Caterers, Catering Business in India


2021-04-13         Imprimatur

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India are mandatory for Caterers, Catering businesses. Starting a Caterers, Catering business in India is all about making easy money with minimum difficulty involved. In recent years, the demand for a Caterers, Catering business has picked up the pace in the quickly progressing country India. The government does not allow a start catering service if it is not registered with an FSSAI Food License. FSSAI Registration for Caterers, Catering Services.

Food License for Caterers, Catering Business at a remote site and other sites like event venues, hotel, wedding ceremony, hospital, entertainment site, aircraft, cruise,  studio, Hostel etc. FSSAI Registration is required for starting Caterers, Catering Business.

Types for Caterers, Catering Service business license in India:

1) Food Establishment license –

To serve in any food establishment like Caterers, Catering, and FSSAI Food license is mandatory to have. Without this license, a fine will be charged up to Rs 2 lack. General requirements vary but always include investigate the facility for state compliance. Safeguard staff has the proper training for Food Certification is usually mandatory as well.

2) Alcohol License –

It is mandatory for the Caterers, catering service provider to have an alcohol license if they are serving them in any event. Obtaining this license can take a lot of time. Generally, the background is checked before granting the license. Without this license, it is banned to serve alcohol in events, Party and can lead to serious consequences.

3) Other licenses or permits –

However, other grant and licenses may be required by local administration or state agencies. Other licenses like Quality promise and Health promise. It is also very important for the business to collect because it amuse the customer mentally when he will hire the services.

1. Food Safety License

2. Health/Trade License

3. Eating House License

4. Environmental Clearance

5. NOC from the Fire Department

6. Signage License

8. Playing of Music in Restaurants.

9. Life License

10. Insurance – Public Liability, Product Liability, Fire Policy, Building & Asset.

11. Shop and Establishment Act.

12. Nominations under PFA Act 1954 Section 17 (2) and rule 12 B of the rules 1955

There are 5 steps including FSSAI license registration for Caterers, Catering Business in India:-

Step 1: Selection of kind of business

Step 2: Selection of food category

Step 3: Selection of type of license

Step 4: Documentation

Step 5: Issue of certificate

Types of FSSAI License are as follows:

A Food Business Operator (FBO) is required to collect the food license upon eclipse a particular turnover. The type of food license to be collected depends on the scale of the business and the type of the business activity the food business operator is involved in. Only after submitting the documents required for FSSAI Food license, the application would be treated by the government authority. There are three types of FSSAI License:

(1) FSSAI Basic Registration:

If the annual turnover of the business is less than 12 lakhs are required to do the FSSAI basic registration with Registration Form A.

(2) FSSAI State License:

The FSSAI State License has to be obtained by mid-sized companies which have an annual turnover between Rs. 12 Lakhs to rs. 20 Crores. Required to do apply for State license registration Form B.

(3) FSSAI Central License:

Large businesses which have an annual turnover above Rs. 20 Crores are required to collect the FSSAI Central License. Large businesses need to collect the FSSAI Central License in case such businesses are required to supply food products at government offices or have to import / export food products.

Documents Required for the FSSAI BASIC Registration for Caterers, Catering Business in India:

  • Colored Photograph of the applicant.
  • Business Address.
  • Business type.
  • Pan card or Aadhar Card of the business owner
  • Email Id
  • Mobile No.
  • Signature of the applicant (Scan)
  • Food Category.
  • Declaration regarding the Business place

Document required for FSSAI State License for Caterers, Catering Business in India

  • Blueprint design of processing unit dimension in meter, name, and the number of equipment, installed capacity and HP used.
  • List of food category to make.
  • Authority letter for a responsible person for Assisting with the officer in inspection, sample collection, and Packing and dispatch of samples.
  • Analysis report of water, which to be used as an ingredient from a recognized public health laboratory.
  • Sources of raw material milk, meat, as well as processing unit.
  • Pesticide residue report of water in the packaged water industry
  • Declaration form
  • Photograph of manufacturing unit for uploading.
  • For transport business supporting document for turnover or self-declaration of the number of vehicles.
  • For hotel industry-certificate from the ministry of tourism(HRACC)
  • Company nomination form IX
  • Possession proof (sale deed, rent agreement, electricity bill  etc)
  • A List of partners/Proprietors/Executive members with addresses and contact detail.
  • Certificate under Co-Op Act 1861 /multistate co-op ACT 2002
  • NOC from the local body (optional)

Documents Required For FSSAI Central License for Caterers, Catering Business in India 

  • All Documents as for state form license.
  • Additionally,
  • Turnover supporting document.
  • NOC /PA document issued by FSSAI.
  • IE code issued by DGFT.
  • Declaration form.


Benefits of FSSAI Food License for Caterers, Catering Business in India

Food operators enjoy several benefits of obtaining a FSSAI food license:-

  • Recognition
  • The food license and logo create awareness and brand recognition amongst consumers and the public at large.
  • Enhances Credibility
  • A valid Food license allows the business of each level to improve and enhance the credibility.
  • Ensures Customer Building
  • FSSAI Logo helps in the process of customer building.
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Food operators having FSSAI License enjoys a vying advantage over their competitors operating in the same market.
  • Maintains Food Safety
  • It ensures the health and hygiene of food safety.
  • Expansion And Diversification
  • FSSAI License ensures the business expansion and diversification soon.

How can we help you?

The team of Imprimatur Solution Pvt. Ltd. will suggest you on which Food Safety License  one should get, looking at the nature and size of the business and will boost you to register your FSSAI license as per the need of your Caterers, Catering Business.

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