FSSAI Food License Registration Process – Documents Required, Fine, Benefits in India

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FSSAI Food License Registration Process – Documents Required, Fine, Benefits in India


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FSSAI License is compulsory for anyone who aims to food business. This not only commit preparing food but everyone who handles food at different stages before it basically reaches the customer like raw materials,  manufacturing, processing, packing and The distribution also because the agencies who have rule  to sell them. Having a Food Safety License in India will diffuse you and your business confidently that food you're selling is FSSAI compliant. Once you've got food safety license it'll be accessible to spread the business and make a name.

Why is FSSAI Registration Required?

Every food related business operator involved within the manufacturing, processing, and storage distribution and selling of food products must compulsorily obtain FSSAI Registration or License.

FSSAI Registration is different from FSSAI License within the sense that counting on the dimensions and nature of the business, FBO should collect the required registration or license.

It is a 14-digit registration or a registration number which is printed on all the food packages. The 14 digit license number gives details about Bring together state, producer’s permit. This registration step is aimed to make more accountability on the FBO to take care of the standard of the food products. The licensing and registration step and requirements are regulated by Food Safety & Standards (Licensing and Registration of food Business) Regulations, 2011.

Proceeding for Obtaining FSSAI License

  1. FSSAI registration is admitted by submitting Form A (application) to the FSSAI Department.
  2. This application can be accepted or it may be rejected by the Department within 7 days from the date of receipt of an application and the rejection has to be indicating to the applicant in writing.
  3. If the application is accepted, then the department will permit a registration certificate with the registration number and the photo of the applicant.
  4. FBO should greatly display the certificate of registration at the place of business during the business hours.

Documents required for FSSAI License Registration

Documents required for Basic FSSAI License:

  • Declaration form
  • Authority letter
  • Copy of the property paper (if owned)
  • Copy of Rent Agreement (If rented property)
  • License or plan of the food safety management system
  • Electricity bill or water bill of business place
  • Identification proof of proprietor or partners or directors like Aadhar Card, or Voter ID card
  • Form 10 for the designation of persons by a company with the board resolution.

Documents required for State FSSAI License:

  • List of Partners, Owners, and Executive Members of Society with full address and contact details.
  • Latest Passport-sized photograph of the applicant
  • Identification proof (voter ID card or Aadhar Card)
  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof which can be Telephone, Mobile Bill, Electricity or Gas Bill
  • A Copy of Property papers (if owned)
  • A Copy of Rent Agreement and Landlord’s NOC (if rented)
  • Partnership Deed/ MOA/AOA of the firm
  • A Copy of certificate obtained under the Co-Op Act – 1861/Multi State Co-Op Act – 2002 in the case of Co-Operatives.
  • NOC from the manufacturer (in case of Distributor)
  • Information on Source of raw material
  • NOCs from Municipality or local body
  • E-Code document issued by DGFT
  • Form IX Nomination of persons by a company

Documents required for Central FSSAI License:

  •  Declaration Form of FSSAI license in India
  •  If applicable a copy of certificate received below the Coop Act – 1861 / Multi-State Coop Act – 2002 in case of Cooperatives.
  • Completed and signed Form- B by the Partner, Authorized Signatory or Proprietor.
  • List and name of machinery and equipment alongside the quantity, installed capacity and horsepower applied. It is compulsory for production and manufacturing units only.
  • DGFT issues a document of the IE code.
  • Proof of turnover in supporting the documentary.
  • NOC from the local body or Municipality. It’s an optional document.
  • The certificate is given by the Ministry of Tourism (Hotel & Restaurant Approval and Classification Committee). In the case of hotels its Mandatory document.
  • PA/NOC documents circulated by FSSAI.
  • Copy of License from the manufacturer. Along with this the NOC of the same. This Compulsory for packers and mover.
  • Proof of possession of premises -Sale deed, Rental Agreement or Electricity Bill, it’s optional.
  • List of Partner, Directors, Executive Members of Society, Proprietor, Trust with complete address and contact details. It is Necessary for Companies only.
  • Review report Chemical & Bacteriological of water to be applied as an ingredient in food from a verified or public health laboratory to verify the portability. It’s Necessary for manufacturing and processing units.
  • Listing of the food category wanted to be manufactured it’s for manufactures.
  •  Certificate of Food Safety Management System Plan (FSMSP) if required.
  • Documentary evidence of turnover or self-declaration of a number of vehicles. It’s a compulsory document for Transporters.

Fine for Non- Compliance

Listed is the Fine for various type of non-compliance:






Food quality not in compliance with act

2 Lakh Petty manufacturer – 25,000/-


Sub-standard food

5 Lakh


Misbranded Food

3 Lakh


Misleading advertisement or false description

10 Lakh


Extraneous matter in food

1 Lakh


Failure to comply with Food safety officer direction

2 Lakh


Unhygienic processing or manufacture

1 Lakh


Four Benefits of FSSAI License Registration

Consumer Awareness:

In this age of information technology, consumers are becoming more awake about food quality and its standard and healthful living. Before obtaining any food from outside consumers prefer to have food which is FSSAI compliant which them more promise in condition of the food quality, free of any deterioration, contamination. This gives the consumer a valid proof to fret if there is anything abuse with the food which is sold. So with the fear of legal actions there is very less chance of food quality being poor mid the sellers having food safety license. Thus having a FSSAI Registration in India gives you a clear advantage to increase the consumer base at a faster rate.

Legal Advantage:

Generally all feel that getting a food license must be an endless job with lot of complications involving paper-work and surplus documentation and also time consuming. Also there is this false impression that a lot of money is needed to get a food license. So rather of getting a food license would be a great loss to a startup business. But the reality is exactly reverse (opposite) of this. Food license can be easily obtained by paying lowest fees through various FSSAI License consultants. In fact, hefty fine is imposed on the business which is being done without a food license. This cost is very high as compared to getting a Food license which also gives you an authorized registration proof.

Using FSSAI Logo:

FSSAI issues license to only those business which have a minimum healthful standards. So if you have a food license you can display it on the menu-cards, pamphlets, packing bags etc. FSSAI logo on the food item will give your product a remarkable quality over others. FSSAI license has a valid FSSAI number which allow customers more promise about the standard of the food. Present day customers purchase only that food item which has a FSSAI logo and a number. So it increases your customer paltry by a very good margin.

Business Expansion:

Every Brand-new business started is desirous to expand its business to new places and explore a new market or a customer base. But starting a business at a new location, the customer should feel protect to purchase a new product. If you maintain a valid food license it becomes much accessible to expand the business at new areas or open new outlets. It will make it accessible to get a loan or any funding required grow the business as it gives a sense of insanity to the person or bank giving loan.

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